Freshen up for SPRING

I’m pretty sure Spring is my favorite season. Well, I say that at the beginning of every season, but for real, I do LOVE Spring!  The grass turns green, flowers bloom, it stays lighter longer, birds chirping becomes my alarm clock and everything just seems to come to life again!

And Spring fashion has always put a smile on my face. All of the bold and bright patterns and bright and cheery colors make my heart happy. We move away from black and grey(don’t worry, we still have a little bit for those of you who insist on wearing black year round. You know who you are😉) When I walk in the shop each morning the array of pinks, greens, blues and purples can instantly give me that warm fuzzy feeling. 

Spring is the time of year we think about freshening up our wardrobe. We all want to look our best at all of those Spring events...Easter, Mother’s Day, graduations and weddings, just to name a few. Each piece I buy is carefully considered. Sometimes I  envision which customers will buy certain pieces. It’s fun to play that game. And actually, there are several times when I have been correct in my match making. It’s always exciting when that happens. 

Swing by and catch a ride on my Spring high!! I hope to see your pretty face around this season as you freshen up your wardrobe!